Monday, November 13, 2006


I bumped into Axl Rose this weekend.

I was in New York. I had just been to my friend's comedy show and we were racing back to catch the train. We were standing outside Madison Square Garden having a hot dog when Pete's eyes focused behind me and he said "That's Axl Fucking Rose!"

I whirled around to see that Pete was, in fact, correct. Axl Rose was approaching with a model on his arm, a full entourage, and a face like a PSA against Botox.

What happened next I can only explain as a scene from that Cold Case show on CBS. You know how the show always ends with some nostaglic music and all the characters flip back and forth with younger versions of themselves?

I imagine how the scene must have looked from Axl's point of view as a version of the Cold Case ending. I imagine him looking at Pete and I standing there - just then, someone crosses between us and we're magically converted to our fifteen-year-old selves, shouting "Wooo! Hey Axl! Woo!" and making the devil sign with our hands.

I'm pretty sure he told us to "Fuck Off!"

It was awesome!!!


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